Apr.2019 11
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Maldives ship owner with us
CEO of Maldives ship owner visited our shipyard and established cooperative relationship with us
On April 4th 2019, Mr Ali from Maldives with his company's engineer, Mr MD, visited our company--Sinooutput shipyard, and accompanied by Alice's team, visited our shipyard. The shipyard manager and chief engineer gave warm reception, and had an in-depth exchange of shipbuilding technology with Mr Ali and Mr MD.
Alice first introduces the development history and current achievements of shipyard.From the initial construction of the shipyard 20 years ago to the current booming development, the fruits are everywhere. Mr Ali gives a thumbs-up to our shipyard. The shipyard's "people-oriented" and "wholeheartedly for customers" concept deeply moved the two visitors.Then, the chief engineer and the shipyard manager studied and discussed the ship drawings brought by Mr Ali, and put forward suggestions for modification and marine equipment.Chief engineer with his 40 years of shipbuilding professional and pertinent advice, won the customer applause.
Then, despite the rain, the customer insisted on visiting our outdoor shipbuilding site in the rain, and we were deeply moved by his dedication.Through in-depth contact with each step of our company's shipbuilding, Mr Ali and Mr MD expressed great affirmation of our company's shipbuilding ability, and expressed that they would like to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with our company.
At last, the sales manager of the company summarized and sorted out the projects of Mr. Ali. Mr. Ali praised our company for its professionalism and comprehensiveness, and signed the sales contract on the spot with a deposit, indicating his recognition of our company.
The Maldives customers to our company's great affirmation gave us the power of continuous development, adhere to strive to be the best for customers to the best!
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