Apr.2019 15
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Sinooutput company participated in the China-Africa SMEs CONVENTION.
This conference will not only promote the cooperation between China and Africa but also achieve a win-win situation. No matter from Africa or Europ, we all do the same quality and same service.
On April 13, 2019, the China-Africa SMEs CONVENTION was held in Shanghai Howard Johnson Hotel, and three members of our company participated in this conference.
At 8:50am in the morning, all of us gathered and entered the venue. Before entering the venue, the staff of the conference sent a booklet to each person, which records the information about the African companies participating in the conference. After getting the brochure, all of us were carefully selecting the codes of African companies that match our company's products.The meeting officially started at 9 am, and African entrepreneurs were seated in different regions to have one-on-one business talks with Chinese entrepreneurs. We also went directly to the location of the well-filtered companies before the meeting.
During the meeting, we met an entrepreneur from Tanzania,whose company's main business is related to tourism. After introducing and showing our company's products and catalogue to her, she said she was very interested in the boat built by our company. Actually, she wanted to provide better service for their customers and to expand her business range by this way.We are very happy we can help her and her customer, we are not only serve our customers, but also help customers to service their customers. And this can reflect our value message: we just concern what the customers concern, and concern customers’ customers concern. We had a pleasure talk with her and looked forward to the corporation between us in the near future.
There were other four entrepreneurs from Tanzania who are interested in our Cummins silent generator sets products. After we made a detailed introduction of the products they wanted to purchase, they were more interested and asked to visit our factory. At 9 :00 am of April 13, we went to pick them up and took them to visit our branches. They were very satisfied with our products and the cooperation matters are currently under negotiation. We all believe the cooperation will be done sooner.
This conference will not only promote the cooperation between China and Africa but also achieve a win-win situation. 
From this conference, our company can also expand African market
 and make more friends.